Website Design and Development Services

There is no business in current times that can stay away from the internet and what the web can do for them is where we come in. So its not just about building a web presence that the best in design and technology, but we would like to pin the success of the project on ensuring that the website we develop for a business is based on addressing a business requirement and it gets the job done. The website having an intuitive design and good technology to back it up are the paths we take to reach your business goal with the website that we make.

The technology mix covers technologies like Ajax, CSS, Flash, PHP, .Net, XML, XHTML, etc. and the categories of web development can be listed as

  1. HTML5 development
  2. Responsive website development
  3. Custom content management systems (CMS)
  4. Custom website programming
  5. Ecommerce Website Development (Linked to ‘Ecommerce’ page in Solutions)
  6. Corporate websites
  7. Small business websites
  8. Brand websites
  9. Microsites
  10. Portal Development
  11. Mobile websites (linked to mobility section)

Web Portal and Enterprise Portal Development

In this ever changing world of information technology, enterprise portal brings new opportunity that enables your employee and customer to be organized, streamlined and connected. An enterprise portal plays a crucial role in this whole mix.

When it comes to web portals the line is fading between a website and a portal by its definition, the reason being that more and more businesses are willing and strategizing to use their web presence to build engaging business platforms that can interface and interact with their audience. This audience can be a B2B or a B2C target group and building a web based portal that allows for such engagement is the order of day.

Digitalixer application development team has invested heavily in building skill sets for creating enterprise portals and web portals that provide for an integrated environment for information exchange within the enterprise and outside. We have the experience of building portals for some of the leading corporations of the world and some of them being the fortune 500 companies.

Our experience ranges from web enablement of processes, HR Portals to creating integrated platforms for B2B portals or B2C portals, facilitating information exchange between separate closed applications or providing a unified/central MIS platforms.

Recent Development Projects