Social Media Optimization Services

What is social media?… we think we are well past that stage and save a few pixels and the page weight in going about giving the definition. However still, social media is the one of the most humanly natural and yet new media of advertising, promotion and brand marketing that has hit the stage big time. In the present times, Social Media is an almost integral part of the marketing tools for any business or brand. The extensive reach and the buzz that can be generated through millions of users doesn’t compare with any other form of advertising.  The impact of social media optimization and social media marketing is absolute and wide spread.

The global internet population present on these social networks is getting more and active and more and more social with sharing information in different forms and when stationary or on the go. Social media marketing and social media optimization are thus indispensible tools to have your armory.

In the complex world of business and brands and advertising, it’s important to be able to reach out to your target audience and make that connect with them in a way that sticks and creats the recall a business so dearly wants. It’s a tool to influence your audience, to help create a positive opinion, so build brand recall, to even promote and sell.

Social networks, blogs, professional networks, forums and online communities for videos and  photos can do wonders for a brand trying to establish a direct connection with its customers.

We are among the niche group of social media marketing agencies in India that have the right amount of passion, skills and the expertise to create and execute a killer social media campaign or build and sustain a long drawn social media strategy.

So, from creating your brand’s social accounts and their moderation to online reputation management, blogging and blog marketing, we are fully able and backed up with some success stories of our own. Following is how we would like to present our social media services offerings

Conceptualization and Strategy
You know your business and we know ours. When it comes to online strategy creation, we realize that not all businesses function the same way and each one must have a strategy hand crafted to perfection. Our teams of experts at Digitalixer understand the need for tailored strategies and help conceptualize one that fits best.

Consumer Engagement
For any campaign to be successful, engagement must be powerful enough to organically garner audience participation. But it doesn’t just stop there…engagement would be successful only when it become viral, i.e. people share it within their network and this happens more at a macroscopic level to get you engagement that gives you the numbers.

We ensure consumer engagement through

  • socially relevant posts
  • contests & promotions
  • viral campaigns
  • and more.

Brand Promotion and Management
When we talk about brand management, we’re talking about managing the tangible and intangible characteristics of your brand. By now, you’ve either developed a brand identity or hoping to build one which your goals help to support and sustain. However, once your product/service/company enters the marketplace, it’s noticeably harder to control how that brand is perceived by others. That is where we jump in and offer you comprehensive brand management and promotion services on the social media domain

Online Asset Management
Your online asset is your virtual property, a unique location which identifies your business to your target group and acknowledges your existence on the Internet. It is important that customers see value in your property at all times. Our team of experts helps to manage your online asset in a way that you are able to meet your social media goals and justify the ROI.

Social Media Monitoring
As much as you the brand needs to speak through social media, it is equally important to listen to what your target group is saying about you on the web. We help you monitor your social media environment crucial to the success of the SM campaigns.

Community Management
Social engagements that help build a loyal fan base are beneficial to business. It proves to be an efficient & cost effective tool for consumer retention and interaction. What’s more, it keeps the audience tuned to your presence on virtual properties.

Online Reputation Management
Reputation management becomes all the more crucial in the context of social media since your organization is on the web for everyone to comment upon and judge directly. Your brand reputation can come under attack any time from any angle and that is where we come in.

A Blog is a window to your brand. We help you create and maintain this window in a way that enables you to put your best foot forward and gain positive traction from your target group.

As a company it would be fatal to underestimate the power of forums. Some might even argue that social networking websites are nothing but revamped forums. Answering questions which are industry specific, niche & product oriented on the forums gain equal importance in our social media endeavors.

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