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The world of web is dynamic and ever changing… we work hard to keep pace with it and bring you the best there is in web development services. In this section we give you a peak into the web and mobile services areas that we cover through our dedicated strategic business units.

We have wide canvas of services that have been grouped under for your viewing. We will be happy to understand your requirement or pain area and convert that into a business proposition unlocking value for what you do…


Effective website designing is a mixture of art and functionality. Our web design and development team understands that every website has to meet its purpose and talk to a specific target audience and deliver on a communication and functionality promise. So with the help of best in the industry tools and skill sets, the web development team comes out with websites that deliver on the client’s expectations and that of ours as well.

To make a website development a success for the business and for us, the key is responsiveness. To be able to respond quickly and knowledgably to your client and understand what the business needs and evolve your strategy and implementation around that. We pride ourselves of being a responsive web development company and a digital marketing agency for all businesses.

Responsive Web Design

We at Digitalixer are a little obsessed with not being called just a web solutions company that is a house of techies churning out good work which is design wise un-inspiring. So, we have had a flair for the creative side in our business since inception and have built ourselves as a digital solutions company that has the right mix of design and creativity along with technology powerhouse teams … combining them together makes us stand apart, however little that maybe.

Responsive web designing changes the game. So if you are in the processed designing a new website might we suggest taking the route of responsive web design, why… you ask. Well… Instead of designing separate websites for specific dimensions, you’re able to serve both your mobile users and your desktop users with one website and a uniform user experience. With responsive designing, your website’s layout will automatically adjust to the dimensions of the browsers and the devices used to open the webpages.

E-Commerce Solutions

Internet is like just another market place but the advantage it has is that you can sell better and to move across geographical boundaries opening up markets for your products that you never thought possible before. At Digitalixer we help you realize those possibilities… Our understanding of the internet as a dynamic market place makes us a suitable business partner that can help you reap the benefits by affecting your sales and profitability.

The global economy now relies on e-commerce more than even before, and businesses are investing more in building e-commerce store fronts be it the retail space or the b2b space. With the numbers for e-business on the rise and newer technologies in the fray, today setting up an e-commerce storefront is imperative to reach out to your target audience and offer the economies of running an online business

Open Source Technology Solutions

The open source technologies have brought about a paradigm shift in how web technology investments are looked at and understood by businesses across the globe. The complete space of open source is full of new opportunities and cost efficiencies that can be attained while building online business solutions and web technology implementations.

Open source technologies have been labeled as the great levelers between big businesses and small or cost sensitive companies, it is one of the most fitting examples of technology changing the face of web development, thus giving e-businesses the power to make it work, regardless of their sizes and budgets.

Open source solutions, technologies, platforms and frameworks have provided a huge impetus to the web development community by allowing development of functional e-commerce and other feature rich websites, in lesser time and cost. Negating the cost of licenses and trademark issues.


There are challenges to face and problems to solve in every business and we know it as we run a growing business ourselves. The application development team along with our business consultants, work with a clear focus… to bring in technology and help you find answers to the business challenges.

It’s the proven technical approach of incorporating repeatable processes and reusable components that help us keep costs down and deliver high quality. A thorough knowledge of N-tier application development ensures that all of our applications are both, flexible and scalable, able to respond to the shifting needs of today’s business.

Mobile Application Development

The ever increasing penetration of mobile devices, mobile phones and particularly smart phones has been going on and talked about for some time. The evolution of the mobile space into an engaging and interactive ecosystem to build applications, deliver content and much more has only really picked in the last few years. And with that started the movement of going beyond the text messaging based services into mobile apps and mobile web.

Mobile technology is the medium of future spawn with Smart Phones and tablets, being the most preferred devices for computing and communication. Today a smart phone user can pretty much do a lot of things between banking on his phone to buying groceries. Made possible by companies like ours that ventured in the space of mobile solutions on different platforms. So, welcome to our world of mobile apps and mobile web solutions with a lot of offerings thrown in between.

Search Engine Optimization

It is important to have your own website, but it is more important to reach out to the right audience and be seen online. In current times there is information overload on anything that you want to find online. There are multiple researches that have been done over the years that establish the fact that one of the top reasons for going online is to find something and to search for information and to top it, through researches it’s been established that almost 85% of this quest for searching information happens through search engines. So for any website owner generating traffic which is qualified and through search engines is very important.

At Digitalixer we understand these facts and hence have a strategic business unit that only focuses on Digital Marketing services covering Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine  & Social Media Marketing. We are working with clients across to globe and helping them achieve high web traffic and increase business, our search engine optimization and marketing service helps clients to significantly increase their website traffic.

Social Media Solutions

What is social media?… we think we are well past that stage and save a few pixels and the page weight in going about giving the definition. However still, social media is the one of the most humanly natural and yet new media of advertising, promotion and brand marketing that has hit the stage big time.

In the present times, Social Media is an almost integral part of the marketing tools for any business or brand. The extensive reach and the buzz that can be generated through millions of users doesn’t compare with any other form of advertising. The impact of social media optimization and social media marketing is absolute and wide spread.

Cloud Hosting Service

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Our Methodology

flexibility and agility for the dynamic and digital

A wild guess about how many websites and web technology based applications are being built today…? No one has the number but we can assure you that it runs into millions and millions for sure.  There has been an explosion of new technologies and new demands from websites, web based applications and more recently from mobile applications. The project development and management methodologies that worked about 10 years ago don’t work any more, but you will still see a lot of web development companies working on the same stiff and fragile development models even now and struggling.

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