We at Digitalixer are a little obsessed with not being called just a web solutions company that is a house of techies churning out good work which is design wise un-inspiring. So, we have had a flair for the creative side in our business since inception and have built ourselves as a digital solutions company that has the right mix of design and creativity along with technology powerhouse teams … combining them together makes us stand apart, however little that maybe.

Effective design is an amalgamation of art and functionality. Combined with our strategic planning, and clear understanding of developing user interfaces, the process sets the tone for a relentless pursuit for excellence. The epicenter of our effort is to create designs that communicate. It’s the design element of any website or a solution that helps to convey your message correctly and also helps to make sense of the features you wish to build and share.

It takes long hours of brain storming and visualization but in the end it’s all worth it…
THE OBJECTIVE… to seamlessly integrate design with the purpose…
Following is how we would like to categorise our design services bouquet and we hope that you will related to them and give us the opportunity to work on the assignment

• Website Designing

This has been the mainstay of our design services and it would continue to be for some time to come. Our process for a website design starts right at the brand and moves all the way to the specific website project and its requirements, picking up the sensibilities of the right communication and design ethics along the way.
From something that needs to be w3c compliant or to meet the standards of web 2.0, we have created website designs that have met client and project specific expectations. The website design services include our fast growing email marketing services where we have been credited with designing campaign winning e-mailers.

Looking at the mobile space, we have designed some great mobile web site designs that have been specifically designed to provide a great, fast and usable mobile browsing experience.

• GUI and UX Design services

With the overload of multitude of applications, software and automation tools that any individual is now exposed to, what they will use the most or go back to is the one that was the most easy to use. Ease of moving around a software application is more critical for its acceptance than the code itself. Digitalixer design team has worked with some of the leading technology companies and helped them create GUIs that are made with a single purpose – find acceptability and provide ease of use.

Designing a user interface and building a complete user experience has been one of our favorite design related endeavors. As this allows our design team to mix the expertise of understanding a business, the target audience and the application/software and coming out with a heady mix of usability, simplicity and intuitiveness.

We understand the importance of creating a balance of usability and design aesthetics. Together, these determine the quality of the user’s experience with your software or application. We love to brainstorm the most effective ways to meet your goals and construct an interface for your product.

• Responsive Web Design

The year 2012 has certainly been the year of the mobile. The mobile penetration continues to increase and more so the reach of smart phones has come to about 50% of all the mobile phones. Now, with this the use of data services has also been increasing which means that web access and application access on mobile phones is on the rise. Typically to address these users, businesses have been developing a separate mobile version of their websites.

Responsive web designing changes the game. So if you are in the processed designing a new website might we suggest taking the route of responsive web design, why… you ask. Well… Instead of designing separate websites for specific dimensions, you’re able to serve both your mobile users and your desktop users with one website and a uniform user experience. With responsive designing, your website’s layout will automatically adjust to the dimensions of the browsers and the devices used to open the webpages. Not to forget, in addition to the uniformity, this approach can help in getting a better search engine optimization (hyperlink to SEO section) response since the traffic is not being split between different website versions and sometime around June, Google also released that they would give preference to sites with responsive designs.

So, with that thought parked with you… it will be a good idea to think about your website designing project and even better to not forget giving us a call.

• Corporate Branding Services

We have worked hard in building a brand identity for ourselves and know the importance of getting it right. So from creating a logo that signifies what your company stands for to going as wild as designing chips for a casino. Our design outfit is driven by this passion to create a lasting impression. Corporate logos, complete branding from cards to everything interesting…

We have been very selective in the corporate branding projects that we take up as we feel the need to be tad bit more excited about a corporate branding assignment than just creating a logo bundled with a design guideline document.

We are very keen to hear from you and understand if you are looking for corporate branding services… rest assured we have designed match boxes and power point templates as well so we would love to hear from you.

• Mobile Design Services

It just felt that we should draw your attention to the fact that all of the design services that we offer for web, UI and UX, Apps and more transcend through the mobile platform as well. So without being repetitive and in your face… we wanted to ensure that you understood that when we talk of our design services we are covering – mobile app designs and mobile web design services as well.