Mobile Application Development Company India

The ever increasing penetration of mobile devices, mobile phones and particularly smart phones has been going on and talked about for some time. The evolution of the mobile space into an engaging and interactive ecosystem to build applications, deliver content and much more has only really picked in the last few years. And with that started the movement of going beyond the text messaging based services into mobile apps and mobile web.

Mobile technology is the medium of future spawn with Smart Phones and tablets, being the most preferred devices for computing and communication. Today a smart phone user can pretty much do a lot of things between banking on his phone to buying groceries. Made possible by companies like ours that ventured in the space of mobile solutions on different platforms. So, welcome to our world of mobile apps and mobile web solutions with a lot of offerings thrown in between.
Mobile Application Development

Digitalixer is engaged to design some very interesting and qualitative business centric mobile apps for customers from different verticals based on the most prolific mobile platforms, including the Apple iOS and Andriod. We focus on putting your brand and your proposition into the smart phones of your target audience.

From creating intuitive designs and building the complete app UI and UX experience to SDK level understanding and development of the tech behind those mobile applications we will take on the complete assignment and give a wholesome product. Not to mention provide ongoing support, back end maintenance and even hosting to manage your data and content heavy apps.
So, our mobile application development efforts can be categorized as follows

1. Apple iOS application development
2. Android application development
3. Hybrid

Mobile Website Development

Is your website compatible for mobile devices…? If not then you are losing out on a big and increasing segment of your target audience who are accessing the web through their mobile devices and tablets. It’s time for you to think for you think about that TG.

The smart phones are here and they are increasing in numbers, users of these phones want to be able to enjoy the same browsing experience as they have on their desktops and notebooks and as a business with a digital front you cannot rule out this audience… not anymore. The process of mobile website development is intricate and based on the concepts of simplifying your webpage designs to download quickly, fit into smaller resolutions and don’t have the horizontal scrolls that will most certainly kill the browsing experience.

Our team of mobile website designers understand the nuances that go into a job like this and hence come up with intuitive mobile web designs coupled with mobile interactive technologies that provide interactivity and also simplify the information architecture and navigation of the website to best suit a mobile device.

We have done it for quite a few reputed brands and we would be happy to understand and work on your requirements … so get in touch with us and let the process begin.