The Importance of Mobile Marketing in 2016

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Mobile is the future of marketing but as we know the era of mobile has already arrived and is growing at a very fast pace. Mobile marketing should be your first priority now and if you still haven’t indulged in mobile marketing then you are going to lag behind and your competitors will take over.

Mobile marketing is a promotional activity designed for delivering through cell phones, smart phones and other hand held devices. Mobile marketing is basically the ads that appear on mobile phones and other devices.

The purchase of smartphones has gone up since last year. The worldwide mobile market grew by 13% in 2015 Q2. This year saw a big jump in the purchase of smartphones. The survey reports show that there are approximately 1.91 billion smartphone users in the world. This number will reach 2 billion by the end of 2016 and by 2018, half of the world’s mobile users will have smartphones.

The marketing strategy through mobile will largely depend on the number of internet users using a smartphone. Ten years ago there were only 26 million mobile internet users across the globe. In 2015, 2781 million people accessed the internet from a smartphone.

Mobile Ad Spending will cross $160 billion worldwide by 2018, taking over 65% of the digital market. By 2016, the amount spent on mobile ads could be more than $100 billion. According to a survey, 80% of internet users use smartphone to search.

Getting an app for your business is not a luxury now but a ‘NEED’ in this fast-changing world of competitive business. If you walk across the city you will notice that everyone is walking with a smartphone in hand. It is the most effective way we can promote our business.

The way brick-and-mortar shops are closing down and the margin is going thin every day, there is no alternative other than to have a mobile store. This is the time to invest in Mobile Application Development.