Business Application Development

There are challenges to face and problems to solve in every business and we know it as we run a growing business ourselves. The application development team along with our business consultants, work with a clear focus… to bring in technology and help you find answers to the business challenges.

It’s the proven technical approach of incorporating repeatable processes and reusable components that help us keep costs down and deliver high quality. A thorough knowledge of N-tier application development ensures that all of our applications are both, flexible and scalable, able to respond to the shifting needs of today’s business.

An important part of our process is the emphasis on business process analysis and solution design. It ensures the application does what you want it to do and allows us to identify additional features that can provide additional benefit at a low cost. A good solution design forms the foundation of a system that meets today’s needs and budget while allowing for flexible future expansion.

Following are the categories of application development which cover majority of the work done by our app development teams:

• Process automation applications

We will understand your business process and advise the best way to automate it including the right technology mix and the ecosystem. So from automating an employee incentive scheme to automating the complete dealer network evaluation process, we can provide you with the right technical skills and know how to reach your goals on process automation

• Work flow applications

A bespoke application that connects with your business process and not only automates the work flow but brings in efficiencies… is the right work flow application and we can work with you deliver that result.

• Intranet and Extranet Development

Every large or medium sized organization anywhere in the globe has high numbers of people to manage inside the organization and outside as well. Providing the right information at the right time to these groups of people or users is critical. We have worked with top global brands and helped them create effective intranet and extranet platforms. We are keen to hear from you.

• CRM application development

We are customer centric business ourselves and hence understand the importance of listening to your customers and keeping them at the center stage. We have developed CRM platforms for leading food brands which have a very high B2C engagement and feel confident of helping you realize your CRM goals as well.

• Social Apps development

We have a flair for it and like to not only build the apps but also ideate, conceptualize, host and execute the complete engagement that goes with a social app. We have been building apps for various businesses and have delivered results on virality, brand connect and user engagement. Click here to read more on our complete social media bouquet of services

• Content Management System

The websites of today are more dynamic and require regular updates and refreshment of content. Hence we build and provide easy to use content management systems out of our open source box or custom CMS development so that businesses always have the minimal time to market and can take charge of their own web content

• Custom application development

Every business is unique and so are the numerous business processes that cannot fit into a standard buckets of service offerings. We have always taken a consultative approach towards our work hence we enjoy the process of understanding specific business requirements and coming up with application development solutions that address those business challenges with the use of right set of technology.